The Saint And Sofia Team Share Their Dream Trips

We’re enjoying a healthy dose of wanderlust this January

By Chloe Lawrance

For most of us, 2020 was a year spent at home, as flights were cancelled and holidays put on hold. But, that didn’t stop us from imagining where our next dream trip might take us. And although 2021 is still looking uncertain, wanderlust has well and truly struck.

To help inspire your next trip – whenever that might be – we asked four members of the Saint and Sofia team for their perfect holiday. All that’s left to do is pack your bags and cross your fingers…


“My dream holiday would be the American road trip my husband and I were planning to take in 2020 – but that we sadly had to cancel. We were planning to drive from Nashville, up to New Orleans, finishing in New York.

“And while that’s all very exciting, the real highlight of the trip is our first stop: Dollywood! I’ve been obsessed with Dolly Parton since I first heard 9-5 as a toddler (there are some very embarrassing home videos of my performances to prove it.) Since then it has been my dream to visit Dollywood and 2020 was supposed to be the year that my dream came true. 

“I know we’ll do the trip as soon as we can – whether that’s this year or in time to come. It’s going to be full of good food, country music and opportunities to wear my cowboy boots!” – Ellie Dotchin, Talent Manager

dream trip 2021 - An American Road Trip - Studio Magazine
dream trip 2021 - Cyprus - Studio Magazine


“2020 was a year of loss. Lost holidays, lost time, lost fun; but most importantly some of us lost people we love. My amazing nan and grandad both passed away in 2020, eight months apart. My nan and her family were from Larnaca in Cyprus – making me a quarter Greek-Cypriot. And yet, shockingly I’ve never been. So Cyprus is my dream destination for my next holiday.

“I’ve heard many stories about the magical places where my nan spent her childhood and teenage years: Finikoudes Beach, the bars of Mackenzie waterfront and the MS Zenobia ship-wreck dive site to name a few. I’d love to connect with my roots and family history, exploring all the spots I’ve heard so much about. And, of course, enjoying the great Greek food along the way! The more halloumi, the better. 

“My nan and grandad visited Cyprus many times during their 63 years of marriage – so I would love to visit the place they enjoyed together.” – Sophie Walsh, Head of Partnerships


“This year I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to finally take the once-in-a-lifetime trip to Indonesia that I had planned to go on in 2020. My dad and I have planned to travel together – the first time we’ll have been away together since I was a teenager. 

Our plan is to fly into the city of Yogyakarta, where we’ll stay with a family friend who lives out there. I’m hoping he’ll be able to show us the best spots for eating, drinking and shopping off the typical tourist tracks. There’s no better tour guide than a local, after all!

“Then, we’re planning to spend a few idyllic days in Bali, enjoying the history, beaches and cocktails. After all the uncertainties of the past 12 months, I think we’ve earned some serious relaxation!” – Chloe Lawrance, Content Editor

Bali - Studio Magazine
Athens - Studio magazine


“The only thing that’s been keeping my cabin fever at bay over the past year has been picturing my dream trip to Greece. I’d start the holiday in Athens, taking in the sights and absorbing the history, before heading up north. Here I’d love to visit the monasteries of Meteora up in the greek mountains. They’re part of a UNESCO World Heritage centre, and four the seven remaining monasteries are still occupied by nuns and monks.

“I’d finish my trip with some island hopping; Hydra has always really appealed to me. It’s definitely one of the less known islands, but because it’s entirely car-free, there’s a slow pace of life. Donkeys and bicycles are the main means of transportation! I can’t forget Zante either: it’s the perfect spot to end my trip, to work on my tan and relax.” – Elena Herre, Customer Care