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6 Stylish Women Share Their Tips For Always Looking Put Together

Practical hacks to elevate your looks - without too much extra effort

By Chloe Lawrance

For lots of us, the most exciting place we’re headed right now is the supermarket. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to still look put together – after all, looking and feeling your most polished is a great mood booster.

If you’re lacking motivation (we don’t blame you) or you’re just not sure where to start curating the most chic and shiny version of yourself, fret not. We asked some seriously stylish women for their tips and tricks for looking put together (even if they’ve actually just rolled out of bed.)

1. Turn to tailoring

“I like to make tailoring the focus of my look. Whether it’s a gorgeous longline wool coat, or a pair of perfectly cut trousers, tailored basics make up the foundations of my most chic and polished looks. Once you’ve nailed your elegant base, you can add an unexpected twist with trend-focused pieces or more low-key casuals. Over lockdown I’ve found this to be a great way to dress up loungewear; I love layering a well-cut blazer over jogging bottoms, or a crisp white shirt over comfy leggings.” – Ashley Nicole, stylist and content creator

Ashely Nicole - tips for looking put together - studio magazine
Ellie Dotchin - Studio Magazine

2. Don’t be afraid to go all out

“Statement jackets are my go-to for looking put together. They’re a foolproof way of making even the most casual looks more stylish and interesting. They’re also really fun which is an important part of how I dress – particularly at the moment, when lockdown can leave me feeling uninspired. I love anything from ostrich feather (faux, of course) cardigans to customised denim jackets. They’re a sure-fire way to get compliments and make people smile too.” – Ellie Dotchin, Influencer Manager at Saint and Sofia

3. Dress for the best

“To ensure I look and feel put together, I try to dress for the best version of myself. I’ll make sure the clothes I choose fit me like a glove. That might be a great pair of chinos, a statement jumper or a tailored blazer; whatever it is, if it fits me well I find it gives me a major boost of confidence. Even now, when I’m spending more time at home, I’ll be sure to add a little bit of makeup or a spritz of perfume too – it’s these little details that count, even if I’m only commuting downstairs to my home office.” – Sachini Dilanka, influencer and business owner

Sachini Dilanka - tips for looking put together - studio magazine

4. Find your perfect red

“Even the most boring of outfits can be elevated with a swipe of red lipstick – it pulls an outfit together in just a few seconds. The right red will distract from a multitude of sins too. Stayed up too late watching ‘just one more’ episode of your favourite Netflix series? Bad hair day? A slick of the red stuff will go a long way in distracting people from those things!” – Dominika Durian, Creative Lead at Saint and Sofia

5. Stick to a Single shade

“There’s something incredibly chic about a monochrome outfit, so I like to select my colour scheme and stick to it. I’m a lover of neutrals anyway, and by being smart with how I shop – always sticking to shades I know and love – I’ve managed to curate a wardrobe full of items that I can wear an infinite number of ways. This, along with filling my collection with key pieces like blazers, is the ticket to always looking polished.” – Amy Savage, content creator and makeup artist

amy savage - studio magazine

6. Consider the details

“My one tip for always looking put together is to befriend your local cobbler, dry cleaner and tailor. Most of us don’t think about it – but paying a little extra attention to keeping our wardrobe staples in good nick really does make all the difference to how sleek and chic outfits look. Get your coats and suits dry cleaned at the beginning of every winter, resole your favourite boots or shoes as soon as they start showing wear and tear, and get your favourite pieces tailored if they no longer fit ideally. Doing all this will also mean you keep pieces in your wardrobe for much longer – so it’s the more sustainable option too.” – Chloe Lawrance, editor at Studio by Saint and Sofia