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Saint and Sofia founder Malcolm Bell on why the world needs another magazine

By Malcolm Bell

When we started thinking about launching Studio Magazine, my first thought was ‘the last thing the world needs is another f***ing magazine’. 

After all – our phones put us within short reach of an endless amount of information and entertainment. How could we possibly add anything or compete with social media feeds that are stuffed with infinitely scrollable content? And, if we do decide to click one of the many links demanding our attention, we’ll likely regret it, as we find ourselves served 22 adverts above the fold.

But, perhaps there lay the opportunity. To create a magazine that was ad-free and enjoyable to read. Maybe we could commission the best writers, stylists, and experts in fashion, culture, and entertainment to create something different. Something that offered new, interesting perspectives on trends, and features about things that matter. And to do it all better and ad-free. 

At Saint and Sofia, we believe in doing things better. When we started Saint and Sofia in January 2020, our intention was to create a fashion brand that was fair and sustainable (most fashion brands aren’t these things). Fair to the men and women who make every product: we pay our production team fairly, treat them fairly and ensure the very best working conditions for them. But also fair to the customer: we price every style fairly, never over-charging, and provide a fast and efficient delivery service and excellent customer care. We do all of this in a sustainable way that reduces our impact on the environment; we make less and we make it to last. In short, we do it better.   

Let’s get back to Studio Magazine. 

You see, the glossy magazine titles covering fashion, culture and entertainment used to be the tastemakers, trend setters and voices of authority in a world before blogs, Instagram and Reddit. Articles were written by experts, people with a deep knowledge of their field. Their opinion mattered. We trusted it. We enjoyed learning new things, keeping up with trends and understanding the world in which we live via them.

But then everything changed. Suddenly, we all had mobile phones.

Now, everyone is a publisher and everyone has an opinion. We can create content and share it every minute. The attention span of readers has been broken – shattered into a thousand pieces and spread across social networks, messaging apps and streaming services.

I know I personally don’t have the time any more to sit down each month and read professionally produced, carefully curated glossy magazines. At best, I have the time to hurriedly flick through the newspaper supplements on a Saturday morning. At worst, I dip in and out of articles I’ve discovered on Twitter and Facebook. It takes a lot of discipline, hard work and focus to read things that are interesting.

That’s because many large publishers have had to make up declining print revenue by monetising their digital traffic. And often this means being bombarded with dozens of adverts as soon as you visit your favourite magazine or news website. What used to be an enjoyable experience has become a battle to dismiss pop ups and ads.

We thought we could offer something different.

Studio Magazine is here to take you back to a time when you could enjoy reading interesting articles on fashion and culture, as well as interviews with truly inspiring personalities who are making an impact – without the stress of the interruptions. That means, no ads. Ever.

Since we’re a brand, we can do this.

Instead of relying on ad revenue to pay for the production of the title, we use the profits from selling our collections to customers around the world. We think of it as giving back, providing you with a resource that you can trust for inspiration, information and entertainment on fashion and culture. We’ve hired an incredible editor, Chloe Lawrance, and we’re commissioning the best writers to produce content we think you’ll find interesting and enjoyable. Without the ads.

Over the next few months we’ll be adding more writers to our editorial team and fine-tuning our content. We won’t always get it right and we’re relying on you to let us know when we do, and when we don’t. For now, have a mosey around and hopefully, you’ll find a few things that you’ll enjoy reading.