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5 Minutes With… Head of Design, Megan Aylott

Megan shares her Saint and Sofia staples - and why in her role every day is Christmas

By Chloe Lawrance

Megan Aylott

Ever wondered how a sustainable fashion brand is run? To shine a light on the hard work that goes into Saint and Sofia‘s collections, each month we’ll be catching up with a different member of the extremely talented team. We’ll be chatting careers, clothes and everything in between. This month, we’re sitting down with Head of Design, Megan Aylott…

Tell us about your role at Saint and Sofia...

“As Head of Design, I work with the design team to develop our clothing from concept all the way through to production. We come up with exciting new collections and create beautiful products, with plenty of problem solving along the way!”

What does an average day look like for you?

“We work on multiple seasons simultaneously. At the moment I’m spending most days working on designs for AW21, fittings and development for SS21, and final production notes for our current season. There’s never a dull moment!

“My favourite days are when we’re coming up with ideas for future collections. We’ll immerse ourselves in researching trends and cultural touchstones to inspire concepts for our designs. This is the really creative bit where you get to turn fabric and trim options into exciting new stories for the upcoming seasons.”

What has your career path looked like up until this point?

“I studied Textiles at Central Saint Martins, and during my holidays I interned for handbag designers, knitwear designers and even a couple of years at Emilio De La Morena where I worked on some amazing knitwear inspired by Picasso’s ceramics and Swarovski embellished dresses.

“After that, I joined Roland Mouret where I worked in the knitwear team. Mouret is very much known for draping and bodycon, so it was far from a traditional knitwear brand! But it was a great learning curve. With lots of luxury experience under my belt, I switched it up and joined big highstreet retailers Austin Reed. I went from producing two seasons at Mouret to suddenly producing 16! 

“Eventually, after some time working for a knitwear trend agency, I started my own business MEAME, creating stylish and sophisticated waterproof jackets for cycling, work and beyond. The idea was born after I started taking up cycling in the city and realised I couldn’t find any cycling jackets that looked chic and kept me safe at the same time. Running my own brand was an amazing experience, and I started offering consultancy for other sports and leisure startups. This all led me to my role here at Saint and Sofia.”

What’s your favourite part of your role?

“It’s always really exciting when we get new garment samples to fit onto our models. I always say it’s a bit like Christmas morning: opening a new present, wondering what it’s going to look like, the anticipation of whether it will be as expected. We work with great pattern cutters and production teams who help turn our ideas into beautiful products, and it’s so rewarding when you finally see the awesome products you’ve all worked so hard on.”

What did you want to be growing up? Was design always on the cards?

“Alongside an occasional desire to be a vet, I’ve always known I wanted to be a fashion designer. When we went on family holidays as a child, I would sit beside my mum while she painted beautiful watercolours of the scenery around us, and I would draw endless sketches of weird and wonderful outfits. I wish I’d kept them to be able to look back on now!”

Which Saint and Sofia pieces are currently on your wish list?

“The Boyfriend Shirt in ‘Paisley’. It’s such an easy item to style, and looks great paired with jeans and boots. I also love the Glen Cable Short Sweater in ‘Malt’. The cable design is so intricate and the high collar makes it really cosy for winter.”